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A Done-For-You System to Start Growing your Business in Just 30 Days

We see you, and we understand the challenges you’re facing. You’re hustling to grow your business with a to-do list that seems endless. Time feels like a luxury you can’t afford, and juggling every aspect of your business can be quite tricky. And it’s not just about lack of time; it’s also about where you want to spend that time.

You started your business with a great idea, focused on solving problems and making your dream happen. You didn’t start your business to become a marketing expert overnight.

And we completely understand how enticing it can be to chase the latest trends and flashy tools to grow your business, the so-called ‘shiny object syndrome’, leaving tasks half-done and scattering your focus from one strategy to another.

Imagine this: You’re on one island, and your dream business—it’s on another. You’re eager, full of ambition, and between you and that vision is a stretch of water. Each time a shiny new idea or strategy catches your eye, you set out to build a new bridge to take you to your goal. But here’s the hitch: in the excitement of starting new strategies, you leave the old ones half-done, and you’re still on that starting island.

We recognize this struggle, and it’s precisely why we created the LeadLever System. It’s not just another incomplete bridge – it’s a full, sturdy bridge designed to transport you from where you are today to your thriving business. No detours, no half-done jobs.

The LeadLever System

Utilizing our proprietary LeadLever Marketing System, we harness the power of content, email marketing, and lead generation strategies to effectively guide potential customers through the Circles of Trust to effectively grow your business.

With over 17 years of experience, we’ll implement proven strategies and techniques to skyrocket your visibility, engage your target market, and drive those valuable leads right to your doorstep.

It's Like Having a Team Member Working 24/7 for You

How we Accomplish This?

Search Engine Visits

To boost your search engine visits, we offer a comprehensive SEO strategy, including an SEO guide, sitemap implementation, Google Search Console registration, an SEO audit with an action plan, and SEO plugin installation. 

Plus, we’ll provide SEO backlinks and a competition keyword analysis. Simultaneously, our content platform approach aims to build your audience with high-quality content, complemented by social media assets and a year-long accountability program.

Email Leads

To convert your search engine visits into viable leads, we offer a robust Lead Building System. We’ll set up a landing page builder to create compelling pages designed for lead capture. We assist in creating, packaging, and delivering a value-driven lead magnet that attracts potential customers. A squeeze page will be designed and built to encourage visitors to provide their contact information. Further, we will design and implement a webform, and integrate a well-crafted pop-up to help capture leads.

All these strategies work together to transform your web traffic into a reservoir of potential leads, paving the way for growth and increased sales.

Devotees & Clients

To nurture your leads and convert them into loyal clients, we introduce our Nurturing Email Marketing strategies. We’ll set up an email service provider to manage and automate your campaigns effectively. We will implement our 5-step email sequence that seamlessly qualifies the leads and gives them a clear call-to-action.

We’ll also provide a weekly newsletter strategy, complete with design, a calendar for scheduling, and accountability measures. All these strategies aim to turn your leads into long-term customers and advocates for your brand.

The best thing is that we do all that for you in just 30 days

Ready to Start?

Don’t let your dream business stay on that distant island. Bring it closer with LeadLever Marketing. Harness the power of our strategies, let us tackle that tricky marketing maze, and free yourself to focus on what you love—building your business. Ready to take the next step?

Our goal is to provide a complete solution to help you grow your business. We are always transparent with what we offer and how much it costs.

Book a call today and let’s discover how the LeadLever Marketing System can help you grow your business. Let’s embark on this growth journey together. It’s time to bridge the gap between your business and its potential. Start your LeadLever journey today—because your business deserves to shine!

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